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Reliable comms for everyday use. Tactical excellence when it matters most.

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During emergencies, telephone and wireless networks can experience congestion due to increased call volumes and/or damage to network facilities. Commercial digital two-way radios offer encrypted communications, assuring privacy when dealing with sensitive student information or during an emergency. Department of Transportation (DOT) and Federal Motor Safety Administration (FMCSCA) distracted driving laws ban reaching, holding or dialing a cell phone while operating a commercial vehicle, but two-way radios are approved for use in school buses.

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“You can’t beat a two-way radio. You cannot manage a critical incident with a cell phone. Been there, tried that. It’s impossible. I don’t know how you operate a transportation system, a facilities department, administration without radios. The number one issue every time after an incident is lack of communications. Radios work in an emergency.”

“Each of the administrators has access. I can pull it up on my cell phone and see what’s going on in any one of our cameras. OpenEye is huge for us.”

Lt. Drew Heistand, Law Enforcement Officer

Hellam Township, PA, Police Department

Kevin Wren, Head of Risk, Security and Emergency Management

Rock Hill School District, Rock Hill, NC

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“If a principal calls and says, ‘We had a fight in the gym,’ I can find the clip and share it really quickly... With the old system, you may sit and watch it for three hours to find something.”

“Radio communication is critical for safety during an emergency... The emergency channel is our lifeline to the campuses. If we have a lockdown at a campus, surrounding campuses are notified immediately. Before we had that reliability, we had lag time. Only a few minutes lag time could be serious for us as first responders and for the students and staff at that school.”

Tom Greer, Director of Safety

Corbin Independent School District, Corbin, Kentucky

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Casey Davis, M.Ed., Emergency Management

Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District (CFISD) Police Department, Houston, TX

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“If you’re in the lobby and the system is triggered, that lobby area is going to lock down,

while the rest of the building is released so everybody can escape.”

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With this system we can provide students and staff lifesaving information in under a second when reaction time is critical, and it also enables law enforcement to respond straight to the shooter’s location.”

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